Interview with Kimberly Woodhouse

I’m so pleased to post an interview with Kimberly Woodhouse today! You know from last weeks’ post that Kim wrote Welcome Home: Our Family’s Journey to Extreme Joy! I contacted her through her publicist, Heather Diane Tipton, and Kim graciously agreed to answer a few questions.

Here they are:

  • Having a fearless child who does not feel pain must be terrifying! How often do you have to “give Kayla over” to God each day?Until she was five – every second I prayed for her (and Josh’s) survival because she was such a daredevil. Now I give them over to the Lord many times a day, but it’s not quite as crazy as when they were little.
  • I saw that Kay Arthur’s Precept on Precept studies have helped you meet each day’s challenges. What other studies would you recommend to someone facing such a great battle?I love Kay’s other books, and Elizabeth George’s A Woman After God’s Own Heart. Elizabeth has a series of Bible studies that follow that book, and those are some of my favorites as well. I’ve done them all. J  A Woman After God’s Own Heart is a book I return to often, I learn something every time I read it and love how it steps on my toes. Kay’s His Imprint, My Expression is another one I love to go back and read. I really enjoy in-depth studies – ones that dig really deep, so the Precept studies are my top favorite.
  • As a speaker/singer/writer and mother of two children with health issues, you must have lots of organizational skills to do everything. What organizational tip can you give to those who are struggling with their schedules?The best tip I can give you is to take the time (could take 3-5 days) to organize everything in your life. Make a list of everything that needs to be accomplished, divide and conquer (who does what on which day), and cull everything that is unnecessary. I plan out our homeschool days, our “chores” (which we call service opportunities), meals, what I can delegate out, and what I need to get accomplished at the pool while my kids are swimming. Getting organized can be the hardest part, but once you’ve got it – things can run smoothly even in the midst of the chaos. J (The parenting book I’m working on has a whole section of ideas on how to get organized.)
  • I’m sure that you and Jeremy must spend a lot of time with Kayla because of her health issues. I saw in your book that Josh is totally OK with that and loves her, but it must be a huge responsibility to be a big brother to a young lady with such severe medical problems. What are some ways you make Josh feel special?Josh is a very special guy. And we try to make sure he remembers that every day. He is so creative that he sometimes surprises me with a new story or creation that he’s built, so we really encourage that and his flare for drama. Josh likes one on one time, and so we try to give him that – but he also loves to just hang out with us for “family time.” We’ve always said that we are a family, and we stick together, encourage one another, and pray for each other. Josh is a huge support, and very protective of his sister – but Kayla is also a huge support and encourager of her brother. We have Bible study together as a family, but also with each of the kids separately. The kids swim together for hours every day, and they love to encourage each other and laugh together.
  • On a totally unrelated note, I saw where your website says you are a “third generation Liszt student.” What does that mean?I’ve had a lot of people ask me what that means – I’m so glad you asked! That means that Franz Liszt (one of the most amazing virtuoso pianists of all time) taught my teacher’s teacher. Clear as mud, huh? The Liszt technique has been passed down through piano teachers taught by Franz Liszt himself.
  • Congratulations on your second printing of Welcome Home! Do you have any other projects in the works? Have you written any fiction? Thank you so much!Yes, I have a parenting encouragement book and a romantic suspense that I am currently working on. I’ve written a lot of fiction – please watch my website for coming releases – Thank you!

Thank you, Kim, for answering our questions! ‘Wish you all the best!


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