Blue Like Play Dough

Tricia Goyer is an amazing writer. At age 36, she writes with a voice of experience, eloquence, and insight far beyond her years. But, then again, she had to become an adult much sooner than most.
In her latest nonfiction book, Blue Like Play Dough, Goyer shares the joys and sorrows of her life: being an unwed mother at age 17, homeschooling three children, watching a family member die, and juggling her family, writing and ministry (successfully!) while living in a home with three generations and an exchange student (again, successfully!).
Through it all, Goyer shares how God has used the events in her life, even those that seem insignificant at the time, to shape her life, like play dough, into a vessel fit for His service. This was a wonderful book that I devoured in one sitting.

On a personal note, it will soon be one year since my daddy went to Heaven and I haven’t really cried about losing him. Goyer’s account of her grandfather’s home-going, was so much like what Daddy experienced that I wept aloud as I read it.
Young mothers take note: you willl survive your children’s babyhood, childhood and terrifying teens with your sanity intact IF you lean on the One who created you for this purpose. Read this book for an encouraging and uplifting look at one woman’s journey through “motherhood in the grip of God.”
The Go-Go Campaign
Tricia is offering an extra incentive to purchase Blue Like Play Dough. Here’s the details from her website.

I wrote Blue Like Play Dough because many times moms feel squished and smashed by all the demands of life. It’s hard being a mom; yet it’s often the hard stuff that changes us for the better.

Like any mom, at times I’ve felt like a failure. And other times I’ve felt as if God reached down and added an extra touch of sunshine to the day.

My hope is that my personal stories will encourage other moms to allow themselves to be shaped and molded. And as their children grow and change, they’ll be changed into something beautiful, too. My Life, Unscripted andGeneration NeXt Parenting are conversations about things that matter to this generation.

People need help and encouragement–not from someone who looks down, pointing a finger in their face, but from someone who has been there and who understands. My goal is to get books in the hands of people who need to see that perfection isn’t necessary, and people who can find hope when they realize the hard stuff of life often molds us into better people if we let it.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of those who are in crisis or who just need a little encouragement.

So How Does This Work?

It’s easy! For every copy of Blue Like Play Dough purchased, I’ll donate a copy of My Life Unscripted or Generation NeXt Parenting to a pregnancy, teen or family support ministry (while supplies last).


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