Exposure by Brandilyn Collins

Brandilyn CollinsWhoa, Nelly! Hang on tight once you start reading this one. Brandilyn Collins does it again!

Kaycee Raye is the Mr. Monk of her local newspaper. She’s afraid of everything – bees, roller coasters, dentists, confined spaces, and nightmares – especially one horrifying one that visits her night after night. But Kaycee also has a knack for words and parlays her fears into a nationally syndicated column that helps readers everywhere deal with their own fears.

However, everyone is not a fan of Kaycee’s. You see, she also believes she’s being watched. In fact, the police have been called out to her home many, many times.And each time, there is no evidence that someone is stalking her.

Paranoia, anyone?

In the opening scene, Kaycee comes home to find a digital camera on her table with a photo of a dead man in the memory. And again, when the police investigate, they find the camera, and the image inside, is gone. Oh, and did I mention that the same image was part of her recurring nightmare? And that the image has the words, We Are Watching, splashed in the corner?

Exposure by Brandilyn Collins

Brandilyn truly takes us on a roller coaster ride as she weaves Kaycee Raye’s story into that of a child kidnapped from the same small Kentucky town. Then to make things really interesting, she adds a bank robbery – a HUGE one – in New Jersey. All I could think – besides the obvious, “Is Kaycee insane or is this really happening” – was how on earth will Brandilyn tie all of this together?

Well, she does and beautifully so. Be prepared to experience high tension and terror as you read Exposure. Brandilyn is a master storyteller and this story is one sure to shock, surprise and satisfy your need for suspense.

Read an excerpt

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Happy Reading!



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