Men & Christian Fiction? Yes, Sir!

44th President George H. W. Bush skydives on his 85th birthday

AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

How ’bout that George H. W. Bush? Here it is – his 85th birthday – and he celebrates it by going skydiving! Isn’t that truly remarkable? When asked his reason for jumping, he said:

“Just because you’re an old guy, you don’t have to sit around drooling in the corner,” he said. “Get out and do something. Get out and enjoy life.”

What a great philosophy! He really thinks outside the norm. Maybe that’s one of the reasons he became our President?

Here’s another thought that’s “outside the box:”

Christian Fiction is for MEN, too!

Yep, that’s right. Christian Fiction is not just about damsels in distress, prairie romances or sweet historical any more. There’s some authors out there who write gritty, adventure and suspense novels that might just interest men – or any women who enjoy the same.

Here are a few of those writers (in no particular order):

Well, that ought to get you started!

Happy Reading, and don’t forget: Father’s Day is this Sunday!



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