The Debt by Angela Hunt

Everyone has a past. And everyone has to face that past at one time our another. We all have to pay that debt eventually.

Emma Rose Howard is the wife of a pastor of a megachurch. She is the editor of the ministry’s popular magazine, organist at the church and has a supporting role in her husband’s TV program. As a couple, the Howard’s have led several successful campaigns against those who want to destroy the institutions of marriage and family.

Sounds like she’s the perfect model for today’s Christian woman, right? Well … maybe … or maybe not.

Emma’s life is turned upside down with a small pink piece of paper – a simple While You Were Out message with a phone number and a birthdate of someone from her past. Her subsequent relationship with this person almost destroys her marriage and her ministry.

Angela Hunt uses a first person point-of-view1 to put the reader directly in the shoes of her main character, Emma. As I read this book, I experienced the joy, sorrow, confusion, pain and redemption along with Emma as she follows where Christ leads. I found myself in a few uncomfortable situations, such as a bar, a store that sells pornography and a crack house. But that’s how Hunt brings home the concept of the debt of sin and the price of redemption.

If you’d like to read a sample chapter, click here. And, if you belong to a reader’s group and want a discussion guide, click here. **Spoiler Alert** Don’t read the discussion guide until you’ve finished the book.

This was truly one of the best books I’ve ever read. This one will stay on my bookshelves.

1 The writer uses the pronoun, “I,” and writes what the main character feels, sees and experiences.


2 thoughts on “The Debt by Angela Hunt

  1. Page McManus says:

    If you do get a chance to read it, drop me a line and let me know how you like it.

    My email addy is page(dot)mcmanus(at)

    Thanks for traveling with me!


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