It’s a Really Small World

Sorry I haven’t blogged any the past week, but my husband and I just returned from our 20th anniversary trip to … Disney World. And one of my most favorite things was the It’s a Small World ride. I can hear some of you now, “No, don’t get that song in my head,” but I thought our whole Disney experience was kinda of like that ride. Everywhere we went, we saw people from all different countries, speaking all different languages. We even saw some Tibetan monks! How wild is that? I think ol’ Walt would really enjoy seeing his wishes of a small world come true.
I tried to speak to some of the people we sat beside or stood in line with – which was also very cool. We met a couple from Toronto, a bunch of young people from Puerto Rico and a very stressed family from North Yorkshire. Put these guys on your prayer requests, please. A man, his daughter, son-in-law (sil) and two young children (the sil’s nephews – evidently he had custody for some reason) flew over from the UK to Florida. On the way over, the sil got sick. The two children told me that their uncle (the sil) had pneumonia and was in Intensive Care with all sorts of tubes, etc. They were going to have to leave him behind and return to the UK the next day. The poor grandfather looked so weary. I told them I’d be praying. I wish I knew what became of that family.
Speaking of small world and different viewpoints: I deleted a comment on last Wednesday’s photo and regret it. The writer was upset because I’d rejected an advert (via Entrecard) and indicated “not appropriate” as a reason. Here’s why I rejected it (and others) for posting on my blog: 
Every writer has a certain audience in mind as they write. And, my readers expect certain things when they read my blog. They expect to read or see things that are uplifting, encouraging and, in general, from a Christian worldview (see my profile). They don’t expect to see swearing, objectionable topics or a viewpoint that goes against what the Bible teaches. 

When I get a request from a blogger to post a link to theirs, I always look at several posts before I post a recommendation in my Billboard. If I see something that might be objectionable or “not appropriate” to my readers, I reject it – even if some of their other posts may be very good. It may cost me Entrecard points or even anger some, but I owe this to my readers. 
To my readers: thanks for traveling with me. It’s so much nicer when you travel with friends.

7 thoughts on “It’s a Really Small World

  1. Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" says:

    I try to do the same thing in using some discretion when approving Entrecard ads. It hasn’t come up very often though so I’m glad about that. I feel bad when I have to reject someone, but then sometimes my requests get rejected too so I figure it balances out.

  2. girlforgod says:

    I love Disney, and it’s a small world ride! I remember it as a child and will enjoy taking my 3 year old this year. Yes, I am sure Walt is smiling down from Heaven to see His dream continue. I understand the deleting post thing too, on my cafemom forum I did the same thing, and explained that it wouldn’t be tolerated b/c that is not the purpose. God Bless you!

  3. Page McManus says:

    I know. I feel badly, too. And it always makes me wonder when someone rejects my adverts, but I’m sure they have their reasons. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Love your user name! Thanks so much for the blessing and the comment. I hope your child will enjoy the ride and the park. Just remember to take naps – you’ll both need them!

    Thanks ladies! Your comments help me along the road.


  4. Virginia says:

    Disney world would be a wonderful anniversary trip. I have been there one time and really enjoyed it. My husband and I celebrated our 24 this year, but we didn’t go anywhere. Sometimes its just nice staying home.

  5. Sherry says:

    It’s a Small World is a wonderful ride and a delightful song. And, yes, I’ll probably have it on my mind all day long.

  6. Page McManus says:

    Congratulations on your 24th anniversary! And yes, you’re right: sometimes it is nice just to stay home together.

    Here’s to 24 more years of love!


    ‘Sorry ’bout that! 😉


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