Faith and Facts

I’m doing a little something new today: I’m writing a review of a blog. There have been a few of you who have wandered onto my road from a site called Entrecard. (This is a website that links blogs together by category so that owners can network and advertise their sites.) One of the websites that I came across is called Faith and Facts. The writer is Dr. Bruce, a Baptist pastor who has a pretty strong viewpoint on most issues. You’re liable to find (a little Southern phrase meaning, “there are”) posts on anything and everything from current events to literary classics to comics.  Most conservative Christians will probably agree with his viewpoint and he highlights some other interesting sites as well.  In fact, his latest post covers a group who is discussing C. S. Lewis’ classic, Mere Christianity.

Check out his categories to see if you agree with where he stands on the issues – it’ll be worth the read. 


4 thoughts on “Faith and Facts

  1. mom811 says:

    Hi, I’ve come here through Entrecard, and was just attracted with your feature of “Faith and Facts”, and I comment here to salute Pastor Bruce (as he signed in my blog!) He doesn’t just EC drop, but also leave his thought on a blog he has something to say, and I appreciate that. Then surely I checked out the site… I’m a Filipino though and haven’t known the extensive background of the matter, so I’d rather be silent, at least publicly, is it okay?

  2. carol at A Second Cup says:

    I enjoy this blog also. I signed up for the EVS bible giveaway (I didn’t win…sigh) and stayed because of the writing.

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