What I Did for Thanksgiving Vacation or God Is Definitely Not Finished With Me Yet!

My husband and I have a special reason for giving thanks this year. On the way home from camping at the beach, an elderly woman crossed the yellow line and came into our lane. My husband was driving and succeeded in swerving around her with the truck without running off the road, however she hit the camper we were hauling behind us. Her car rolled open our camper like a key on a sardine can. One 2X4 from the camper came through her hood, firewall and ended up between her leg and the driver’s door. We ended up in the ditch where the trailer pushed us before it fell over sideways and blocked the highway for about two hours.

Here’s where the thanksgiving comes in: no one was hurt. The driver had a few scratches on her hand and a broken lens in her glasses from the airbag. Our airbag did not deploy – which was good because I was holding my miniature poodle in my arms the whole time. We got out without any broken bones or bad injuries. Even my laptop,with all my research and 40,000 words of my work-in-progress, was completely unharmed even though it was in the camper.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


8 thoughts on “What I Did for Thanksgiving Vacation or God Is Definitely Not Finished With Me Yet!

  1. Page McManus says:

    Tink, Dianne, Lindsey and GumbyTheCat –

    Yep … those pictures STILL scare me! The scariest part were the crosses drawn on the road and the wooden cross on the side of the road (that was knocked down by the car behind us as she tried to dodge all the stuff in the road). Here in the South (not sure about everywhere else) the crosses indicate where fatal accidents have occurred.

    Thanks so much for your well-wishes, comments and for reading my blog!


  2. Karen & Gerard Zemek says:

    I’m glad you are okay. That was one big accident you survived. It’s really something that none of you were hurt. Praise God!

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