Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins – Part II

I subscribe to Brandilyn’s blog, Forensics and Faith, and this morning I got the latest edition – full of extras for those who like to read her novels. For example, did you know she’s giving away ten (10) copies to her Facebook friends? That’s right – go to her fan group, Fans of Brandilyn Collins, and post on her wall the answer to these questions: 
  1. Why do you want a copy of Dark Pursuit, and 
  2. Who would you loan/give the book to when you’re done reading?
(You have to have a Facebook account to post (it’s free) and you won’t see those instructions on her Facebook page – but I’m sharing it with my readers ‘cuz I know you love a giveaway!)
Brandilyn also generously gives away bookmarks, autographed bookplates on her website, Brandilyn Collins: Seatbelt Suspense
You can also subscribe to Brandilyn’s newsletter, Sneak Pique, yourself. She promises to have more chances to win in each issue.
Here’s another plus on her website: Brandilyn is a very vibrant, active woman. I’ve seen her at several writers’ conferences and actually spoken to her once or twice – nothing deep, just “Hey, how ya’ doin'” stuff. Anyway, she once suffered from Lyme disease – a very painful, debilitating disease carried by the deer tick. I say she “once suffered” because she no longer has the disease. 
Some of you may know that if the disease is caught early enough and treated with high doses of tetracycline, it can be cured. However, once it gets to the disabling phase, it usually lasts for years – sometimes your entire life. 
In Brandilyn’s case, it had gotten so disabling that she was beginning to fall behind on her book schedule. But, with the prayers of many and the grace of God, she was healed. You can read all about her healing here
Be sure to check out all these opportunities! And be sure to tell me if you win!

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