November Book-Giveaway

I’ll be giving away two books to two winners (one book for each name drawn) this month. The prizes are two books from Heartsong Presents Mysteries

One promises:

“a mysterious legend, a hidden treasure, and murder”

while the other tells what happens when

“cleaning lady Belle Blevins dusts off her sleuthing skills …”

Mother-daughter writing partners Susan Page Davis and Megan Elaine Davis have teamed up again to present the latest sequel to the Mainely Murder Mystery series, Treasure at Blue Heron Lake. This time a hunting lodge is plagued by a mysterious noises in the night. What was at first a nuisance, quickly turns to terror when one of the lodge’s employees is murdered. Legends of lost treasure gum up the investigation, but Emily Gray and Nate Holman team up again to try to solve the murder and exonerate their friend. 

Someone else will receive a copy of Dog Gone, by Eileen Key. From the northern state of Maine, we move to the great state of Texas, where Eileen Key lives near her three grown children and two lovely grandchildren. Her latest book, A Feather Duster Mystery, is a shoe-in for dog lovers. 

Can you imagine running a dog-boarding business that loses one of it’s clients? Now, imagine that the lost dog is a show winner worth thousands of dollars!  That’s the predicament in which Ginnie Reynolds finds herself. But no worries … Belle to the rescue! Can Belle find the devious dog-knapper? Will romance find Belle?

This month’s contest winners will be chosen, as usual, with my Handy-Dandy Random Number Generator, from my list of subscribers and those who leave comments on my blog this month.

You never know where the road will lead, especially when you’re dealing with mysteries!

18 thoughts on “November Book-Giveaway

  1. ruth says:

    These intriguing books are both wonderful. The settings appeal to me greatly. I think Maine is an interesting state due to its location near Canada and the ocean and Texas has so many contrasts. Thanks for this giveaway.

  2. ellie says:

    I enjoyed learning about these special and lovely books. I think that a locale many times makes the book a riveting and memorable experience.

  3. stampedwithgrace says:

    please enter me! both books sound great but I’d love to win the Treasure at Blue Heron Lake book because I have the first book in the series. thanks!

  4. - Marybeth I. says:

    I am a huge mystery fan. I have checked off all the books on my book list of favorite authors and am looking to add a few new good reads!

  5. Page McManus says:

    Yea! I love it when there are lots of comments!

    Rita – you’re so right. You’ll never have to worry about garbage when you read these delightful books. Thanks so much for entering.

    NathanKP – Thanks for the meme! It’s my first one

    Anita, Carole, Jennifer, Shelley, Amanda Sue, Mary Beth, Diane, A Bookworm, Photoquest, Stamped with Grace, Elle, Ruth, Anne and Virginia – Whew! Thank you all so much for entering. I can’t wait to see who wins!


  6. Page McManus says:

    Congratulations, Ellie! You've won! Please send me an email with your email & home addy, so I can send your book to you. Oh! And which would you prefer – Dog Gone or Treasure at Blue Heron Lake?

    Let me know …



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