The Coming Wrath by John K. Reed

The Coming Wrath

Dr. John K. Reed has earned degrees in Geology through the Ph.D. and has worked for several decades as a professional geologist. In 1998, Dr. Reed became the geology editor of the Creation Research Society, and was subsequently elected to the CRS Board of Directors. He has written several books and numerous articles about Creation and natural history. Dr. Reed lives with his family in Evans, Georgia.

Imagine strong, healthy people living for centuries; accumulating knowledge, able to bend nature to their desires, and continually spreading across the face of the Earth. Such was the promise of the flowering antediluvian world, with a promise of human potential that has never since been equaled. But that promise was blighted by equally unrestrained evil. Power, ambition, lust, and greed fueled choices that led to downward spiral of culture, ending in the divine judgment of a watery destruction.

Into this world was born Madrazi, daughter of a famous explorer and merchant. She agrees to marry the great grandson of her favorite relative – Methuselah. It’s too good to be true: his family is rich and powerful, governing a growing, prosperous city. However, her plans for a comfortable life are cut short when she learns that her new family is frantically preparing for the end of the world – a future she cannot accept. How can she live as the daughter of a madman, especially as she falls in love with his son? Her choices, and those of her family and friends mark the countdown to destruction of all that she knows and loves.

This Biblical fiction novel was written by someone with a geologist’s knowledge of Noah’s flood, but don’t worry, the story isn’t dry and scientific. If you ever wanted to know how in the world that Noah could have collected, fitted and fed all those animals into the ark, you need to read this book. To top it all all off, the story is romantic, interesting and best of all, Biblically-based.

Get your copy of The Coming Wrath from or straight from the author at P.O. Box 271, Evans, Georgia, 30809. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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