SINCERELY, MAYLA Pack Giveaway Reminder

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Don’t forget! Tomorrow is the last day to get your name in for the Mayla Mix! It includes a copy of Virginia Smith’s wonderful book, SINCERELY, MAYLA, a multicolored anklet , a bottle of Sally Hansen’s 10 Day-No Chip Radiant RED nail polish, a couple of those little foam things that separate your toes while you paint them, a Sally Hansen foot rasp (to make your feet all smooth and silky) and I even made a little daisy toe ring (if you really want your feet to match the cover of the book). There’s even a cute little matching zippered bag to put everything in!

How can you get in on the drawing? Post a comment to my May 14th post, May 13th post, and/or by subscribing to my newsletter. (You can even do all three!)

Now all those little things are cute, but the thing I’d really like you to get if you win this pack is the message in Virginia’s book: that being a Christian doesn’t mean that you have to be conventional. God loves us “just as we are.” We are saved by the precious sacrifice that Christ made for us. And it’s up to our Father, through the Holy Spirit, to convict us and lead us in the way we should go. Amen? Amen!

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