And the Winner is …

Y’all, I’m just so thrilled! I’m just grinning from ear-to-ear like a big ol’ Cheshire cat! Sorry, I was so excited, the Suthern came out in me!

There were forty-two (42) entries in this month’s double-book giveaway! OK, that may not sound like a lot to you, but it is to me! This is how I picked the winner:

I took the names of all the subscribers to my blog and of those who commented on my March 5th, 17th or 18th posts and put them in a worksheet. Some clever folks got their names put in the virtual pot twice for subscribing AND commenting.

Then, I used my SDRNG (Super-Duper Random Number Generator – just an Excel formula) to choose the number of the winner of March’s double-book giveaway, SUSHI FOR ONE and ONLY UNI.

Imagine my pleasure and surprise when the SDRNG picked the very first subscriber to my newsletter, Cynthia Ruchti. She is not only someone who reads my blog – she also happens to be a very good friend and someone I respect very much. If you don’t mind, I’ll blog about her in this post.

You know, it’s ironic that I met Cynthia and Camy at the 2005 ACFW conference in one of Gayle Roper’s fabulous critique workshops. If you ever have the opportunity to participate in one of those, you won’t regret it. We learned so much that year. In fact, Linda Fulkerson, Rachael Phillips, Diana Rohe and Evelyn Ray were also in that group. I’m so happy to say that we’ve all stayed in contact and are still friends. (I’ll have to introduce you to them later.)

Along with her friend Jackie, Cynthia has ministered through the radio ministry of Heartbeat of the Home for 25+ years to offer hope and help for families. But she’s not only a fellow writer, she’s also a talented speaker and singer, too.
In fact, Cynthia will be one of faculty members of the Quad Cities Christian Writers Conference being held in Eldridge, Iowa on April 11 – 12. And she’s scheduled to be the keynote speaker for the Mercer County Christian Writers’ Conference, a one-day conference on April 19th in Mercer, PA. Be sure to hold her up in prayer on those days – for safe travel, calm nerves and allowing the Lord to speak through her.

But most of all, Cynthia exemplifies the quiet spirit of Christ. She has lifted me up and comforted me so much during this journey. She’s listened to my self-doubts, my worries, and my whining without complaint. She’s even encouraged me to stretch and grow by allowing me to design her website and blog.
As a matter of fact, she is responsible for my first publication. Finding Joy on the Back Roads (which was also graciously edited by Cynthia) will be released this month in Heartbeat of the Home’s magazine. (I’ll be sure to post a link here when the online edition is posted. I’m so excited!)
Thank you, Cynthia, for being my friend. I know you’ll enjoy Camy’s books!

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