Betrayed by Jeanette Windle

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Tyndale House Publishers (February 6, 2008)
Jeanette Windle

As the child of missionary parents, award-winning author and journalist Jeanette Windle grew up in the rural villages, jungles, and mountains of Colombia, now guerrilla hot zones. Her detailed research and writing is so realistic that it has prompted government agencies to question her to determine if she has received classified information. Currently based in Lancaster, PA, Jeanette has lived in six countries and traveled in more than twenty. She has more than a dozen books in print, including political/suspense best-seller CrossFire and the Parker Twins series.


Fires smolder endlessly below the dangerous surface of Guatemala City’s municipal dump.

Deadlier fires seethe beneath the tenuous calm of a nation recovering from brutal civil war. Anthropologist Vicki Andrews is researching Guatemala’s “garbage people” when she stumbles across a human body. Curiosity turns to horror as she uncovers no stranger, but an American environmentalist—Vicki’s only sister, Holly.

With authorities dismissing the death as another street crime, Vicki begins tracing Holly’s last steps, a pilgrimage leading from slum squalor to the breathtaking and endangered cloud forests of the Sierra de las Minas Biosphere. But every unraveled thread raises more questions. What betrayal connects Holly’s murder, the recent massacre of a Mayan village, and the long-ago deaths of Vicki’s own parents?

Nor is Vicki the only one demanding answers. Before her search reaches its startling end, the conflagration has spilled across international borders to threaten an American administration and the current war on terror. With no one turning out to be who they’d seemed, who can Vicki trust and who should she fear?

A politically relevant tale of international intrigue and God’s redemptive beauty and hope.


Talk about action-adventure! You know, I’ve always seen TV shows showing the beauty of the rain forests. The green canopies, colorful birds, exotic flowers – all part of the everyday landscape in the America below the equator. This book plops you down in the middle of the lush tranquility and gives you a lovely whiff of … evil.

There in the midst of all that beauty, Windle shows us the despair and hopelessness of the garbage people of Guatemala. The main character, Vicki, is very efficient and just a tiny bit jaded until she meets Evelyn McKie, “mother” of the Casa de Esperanza. That’s when Vicki’s life is turned upside down. Or actually it’s turned upside down when she finds her sister, dying, in a garbage dump.

Windle doesn’t spare us either. She shows us exactly what Vicki sees and feels. Her terror as she finds her sister, the awe she feels as she flies over the canopy of the cloud forest and her fear as she faces those who would kill her. And then there’s the betrayal …

But, isn’t that the way of the world? What was the motto of the old radio show … “Who knows what evil lurks within the hearts of man?” There’s a lot of evil in this book – political intrigue, conspiracy, greed, murder – everything needed to make one amazing read.

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