Guest blogger: Page’s husband,a.k.a."Honey"

I’m not very good with computers but I can get my point across. My wife has the flu, an ear infection and strep throat and is not doing very well at the present time. I need all of your prayers and if you see fit you can pray for her too. She’ll be back real soon, so please be patient.
Here’s a picture of Page … oh, wait, maybe it’s the virus. Whatever, they’ve pretty much merged together at this point. Pray for me.

3 thoughts on “Guest blogger: Page’s husband,a.k.a."Honey"

  1. Pamela J says:

    “Honey”, we are thankful that you have stepped out into the computer world to reach out to all of us who care about Page and her illness so we know to pray for her. Some of us can identify with the colors representing Page (or is it that virus?) and how she must be feeling. Please tell Page for me I am trusting the Lord to show her His greatness and mightiness through this down time. May God Bless you both richly as He brings you through.

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