Interview with Mary May Larmoyeux

Today I have the distinct honor to interview Mary May Larmoyeux, author of Help for Busy Moms. Mary is one of my critique buddies and a very dear friend. This little book contains easy-to-digest chapters that you can sneak in between bath time and bed time. And the thoughtful “Questions for Purposeful Living” at the end of each chapter help you apply the lessons to your hurried life.

I recommend this book for any mom who feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. (And isn’t that every mom?)

Mary, thanks so much for visiting with us. Help for Busy Moms is just full of so many practical tips and inspirational quotes. How did you collect them all?

I’m always on the lookout for good ideas to multiply time. If there’s a simply way to do something, I’m all for it. In addition to my ideas (and ones I’ve gleaned from others), the book has interviews with 10 different moms. Each of them shares practical tips they’ve discovered to simplify life.

As far as quotes, I have a file on my computer for favorite illustrations. It comes in handy when I’m looking for that perfect quote or story.

I love the chapter called “100 Tips to Simplify Life.” What was your favorite tip?

Gosh, that’s a hard question. How about two of my favorite tips?

I really like the tip under Time Management that says, “Ask the Lord to show you what He wants you to accomplish in your day and pray that He will work through you to accomplish this.” Life can really get hectic, and I confess that too often I begin my to-do-list without consulting the Lord first. This tip reminds me that the Creator of the Universe wants to be at the center of not only my life, but also each day. Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.”

I also really like the tip under Housework that says, “Make a game of picking up toys and blocks by asking the kids to pick them up by color (e.g., all of the blue toys) or shape (e.g., anything that’s a circle). It reminds me that even mundane tasks can often be turned into something not only fun, but also educational.

What great ideas! There aren’t enough hours in the day to keep the house clean. I just don’t see how single moms do it. You know, I think that Christian books sometimes forget that families sometimes have only one parent. Why did you decide to include stories from single moms who are divorced?

When I wrote this book I wanted to include moms from all walks of life—married, divorced, adoptive, working full-time, stay-at-home, working part-time, etc. The reality is there are no cookie-cutter kids, and there are no cookie-cutter moms.

Single moms are close to my heart as one of my sisters is divorced. I’ve seen her sacrifice time-and-time again for her kids. She’s coached softball, volunteered at school, and even worked multiple jobs to help pay for a child’s college education. She’s one of my heroes!

What gave you the idea for this book?

The pace of life seems to be getting faster, and moms often are pulled in a thousand different directions. I wanted to write a book that would remind me and other women to take time to live life with purpose—choosing what God wants for our families. I decided to have questions at the end of each chapter and a chart for action points, so that moms could prayerfully consider not only what they are doing right in their lives, but also ways they could simplify their schedules and expectations.

Thank you so much, Mary, for writing this book and for your continued ministry. And thanks for being such a wonderful encourager!

Be sure to check out here website, If you’d like to order a copy of her book, you can get a copy from Pleasant Word or from


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