Review of Awaken My Heart by DiAnn Mills & Contest Announcement

Set in the Wild West, this novel takes you from the rich hacienda of a beautiful, impetuous young woman to the thatched hut of a handsome Hispanic man leading a motley crew of poor villagers against the her father.
The beautiful woman, Marianne Phillips, is the main character and the only child of a fiercely independent man building his empire. But there are too many obstacles in Weston Phillips’ path – obstacles that he must eliminate. First, he arranges a marriage for Marianne to one of his friends in hopes that he’ll eventually gain control of that land as well. Then he orders his ranch foreman, Clay Wharton, to expand his hacienda by ridding the valley of the Mexican villagers who live there.

Armando Garcia is doing everything in his will to keep them from evicting his family and friends. But one of his men complicates matters when he kidnaps Marianne in an effort to force Weston to concede defeat. Armando and Marianne have a lot of hard decisions to make when each fall in love with the other – in spite of their circumstances.

Armando is sure Marianne’s place is with her fiancé. But with both men in her life pushing her away, the only thing Marianne is certain of is the love of God.

DiAnn Mills’ website says to “Expect an Adventure” and this novel lives up to that promise. I understand that she refers to this book as her Zorro novel – a very good description. DiAnn’s vivid imagery and descriptive word use brings the 1803-era colony of Texas to your living room – or wherever you’re reading this latest work by the award-winning author.

To read an excerpt from Awaken My Heart, click here.

February is the month of love, and to celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of Awaken My Heart this month. And it won’t be my copy – it’s too bent and worn from reading and re-reading the way DiAnn turns a plot on it’s ear and pulls emotion from every situation. And not only can this lady write, she truly has a heart for the Lord and true spiritual discernment.

As I sat in the lobby of the Dallas hotel at the last ACFW conference, I spoke to DiAnn as she passed through. She took one look at me and said, “Girl, you looked stressed. I’m going to buy you a cup of coffee.” (By the way, she was right!) After we went to the coffee shop, she stopped to pray with me. It was truly one of the high points of the conference.

FEBRUARY’S DRAWING – To win a copy of Awaken My Heart:

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How’s that for sharing the love?

P.S. Contest ends 2/28/2008, so make sure you enter before midnight that night!


7 thoughts on “Review of Awaken My Heart by DiAnn Mills & Contest Announcement

  1. Pamela J says:

    I love a book with adventure. I’m looking forward to getting in the seat alongside the author and ride along with DiAnn as we travel that road. Please enter me in your drawing.
    cepjwms at yahoo dot com

  2. windycindy says:

    Thanks for another wonderful book giveaway! I love story lines that are set in the West. Please enter me in your book contest. Thanks,Cindi

  3. Virginia says:

    I enjoyed this post. I just ran across this blog and checking it out. Historical books are my favorite type of read. Sigh me up to win the book. I really enjoy reading new authors to me.

  4. Page McManus says:

    Welcome Cindi & Virginia!

    You’re welcome and thank you for your comments. I love historicals, too. There’s nothing better than to escape a cold winter’s day by “traveling” to another time and place.

    You’re entered in the drawing!

    Thanks for traveling with me!

    – Page

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