Reluctant Smuggler by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Hang on! Let me catch my breath!

Murder! Kidnapping! Smuggling! Espionage! Exotic locations! A beautiful security consultant determined to recover priceless artifacts. A handsome FBI agent determined to find priceless human cargo while protecting his lovely fiancée – who, incidentally, can take care of herself!

Jill Elizabeth Nelson’s Reluctant Smuggler is an action-packed romantic suspense that takes you to exotic locations and puts you in situations that, hopefully, you’ll never experience. This thriller presents both sides of Mexico – the lovely, welcoming tourist destinations and the cruel underground of gangs and drugs.

WARNING: Plan to read the whole thing when you start! This is fast-paced novel that has a lot going on – but don’t worry about getting lost. Nelson is an experienced storyteller. Her setting descriptions are so realistic. I’ve never been to Mexico or the Yucatan, but I had no trouble imagining myself there with Desi and Tony. Speaking of her characters, I like that they are real, with the same doubts and fears that we would have in the same situation – well, almost. (I’m a big ‘fraidy cat!)

I won’t go into details, but Desi Jacobs and her fiancé, Special Agent Tony Lucano, FBI, fight all kinds of nefarious characters at home and in Mexico. And with the prayer support of their family and co-workers, they … well, you’ll have to see for yourself what happens. Go to your local bookstore and pick up a copy in the Christian fiction section. Or, order it online right here.

Jill Elizabeth Nelson and her husband of twenty-five years live in rural Minnesota where she loves the peace and quiet. She is a lifelong avid reader and enjoys camping with her family. Her favorite foods are seafood, Asian, and Italian cuisines. And can you guess what her favorite TV shows are? Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, and CSI, of course!
YOU TUBE ALERT! Click here to see her You Tube preview of another book in this series, Reluctant Runaway.

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