Don’t Forget – December Book Drawing of What Lies Within

Enter a comment on this post or the December 15th or December 12th posts to win a copy of Karen Ball’s What Lies Within. I just finish reading this wonderful suspense book and loved it!

Let me back up just a little: I just finished reading two mainstream thrillers to help me pump up my own little mystery-suspense that I’m working on. Both had a great storyline, well-developed characters that were easy to love (or hate), and word-play that really pulled you into the middle of the action. However, both were peppered with inappropriate situations and dialogue that really didn’t add to the story.

I am confident that What Lies Within could easily stand up to either of those Times best sellers in all of the above, except there are no worries about finding yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

Kyla Justice is the main character of this third book in the Family Honor series. She is a determined and stubborn woman. But she’s also very vulnerable and very likable. The male character, Rafe, is a strong, handsome Marine who’s also wounded with a slight weakness for a certain auburn-haired, green-eyed protagonist. And does the chemistry sizzle! The characters and story are just as tempestuous and circuitous as real life.

Wait a minute! Isn’t this a Christian fiction novel? Yes, it is. Don’t worry, you won’t be embarassed. There is a strong Christian undercurrent of faith, trust and ministry.

Can Kyla and Rafe risk everything, including their lives, to trust the way that Lord leads? If I pull your name, you’ll know the answer …

Enter your comments before midnight, December 30, 2007.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Forget – December Book Drawing of What Lies Within

  1. Karen B. says:

    Wow, Page, thanks for the great write-up. I appreciate it a great deal. God bless you for blessing my heart so much!

    In Him,

    Karen Ball

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