Uh-oh! Bump Ahead!

My road took me to the hospital last week for some minor surgery. I’d been sick since June 29th and the doctors couldn’t seem to find out what was going on. After a visit to my general practitioner (GP), a night in the emergency room, another visit to the GP and finally a five-minute talk with a cardiac specialist, I was still in pain and beginning to think it was just stress-related. It didn’t help that the full battery of tests they ran were normal.

Finally after much prayer and waiting on the LORD, some lovely ladies at church told me that they thought the problem was … gallbladder. My wonderful GP agreed with their diagnosis and referred me to a terrific surgeon. It was removed. Problem solved.

Such an odd little word – gallbladder. It seems that your liver stores bile to help your body digest fats and the like. Mine was either blocked or refused to work properly and so it mimicked a heart attack. Talk about putting things into perspective! This has given me a lot of time to think. As I was recuperating this past Sunday, I watched Rev. Charles Stanley’s In Touch program. His message was A God We Can Trust, based on Psalm 37:1-9. I was awed once again how the Lord chooses to speak through the Word to someone like me. Regular, plain ol’ me.

In these nine verses, the phrase, “do not fret,” is repeated three times. You see, that was the hard part, not worrying about myself when felt I awful but the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. Now here’s the hard question: did I want the tests to come back normal or did I want them to find something so they could fix it? Hmmmm?

When I was a child, I was told about a little teapot that, when the flame was turned up, would spill out whatever was inside it. This passage talks about trusting God, of delighting in Him and committing yourself to His ways. Such beautiful words that are so hard to put into practice when the flame is turned up. I’m afraid that in my case, worry, fret and even anger spilled out of my spout.

So why did I fret? Was it because I don’t trust Him to bring it to pass? He is the all-powerful one. He can do anything (Romans 1:20).

Was it because I didn’t agree with his timing? It was probably because I wasn’t ready. (James 1:4).

Could it have been that He and I just didn’t agree? Then who was wrong? Uh … that would be me. (Matt. 5:48, Romans 12:2, Deut. 32:4, etc., etc.)

Yup, my road got bumpy again this week. But I’m so glad our God is patient and forgiving. He always puts me back on the right road (Proverbs 3:6, Psalm 16:11, Proverbs 8:20).


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