Ladies in Waiting

“Wait on the Lord and be of courage and He shall strengthen thy heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord.” Psalm 27:14

Waiting seems to be a major part of a woman’s life, don’t you think? Waiting to finish school, waiting to find someone, waiting to be fulfill a dream…it seems that most of life is spent in limbo, suspended above the next stage.

So, what shall we do as we wait? Well, the Bible says to be courageous. You know, of all the adjectives I’d use to describe myself, courageous is certainly not one of them. So, how can I make myself courageous enough to continue on? I guess I have to keep the rest of the verse in mind, “Wait on the Lord.”

Sometimes our trials, extended uncomfortable – even painful – periods of life, can be beneficial. No, I’m not trying to trivialize any pain by saying, “it’s gonna be alright.” But we are promised that if we continue on, in His time and His will, He will strengthen our hearts. And if our hearts are strong, we can persevere.


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